Subway Supervisors Association was certified by PERB on May 5, 1970, under Frank Tedesco, the first SSA President.  The name of the union was later changed to Subway – Surface Supervisors Association, (aka SSSA), sometime between 1970-1972.

The union won the rights to represent Supervisors in The New York City Transit Authority in both the Subway and Surface Divisions.  In Surface, (Buses), not all boroughs were included since Queens, *Manhattan, and Bronx Buses were a part of MaBSTOA, (Manhattan, and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority) for short called  "OA". At the time, OA was a different Authority and was not a part of the May 5, 1970 PERB decision. Therefore, SSSA only covered Surface, (Buses), in the boroughs of, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and *126th St Depot, (in Manhattan).

In 1976 SSSA won a PERB ruling giving them the right to represent supervisors in Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, (MSBA), later referred to as, Long Island Bus.

The union was located at 395 Pearl Street, Brooklyn, NY from    1970 - June 30th, 1990.  In 1989, the union purchased the current building at 350 State Street, Brooklyn, NY.  After several modifications to the building, the union moved in on July 1, 1990.

To date, SSSA has over 4,000 members.

Past Presidents

Presiding President