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Level I Maintenance Supervisors oversee maintenance workers who repair, overhaul, and service train cars.

They also oversee Road Car Inspectors, who ensure train cars are safe and operational.

Robert Hemlall
Car Equipment
CED Section Vice President & Field Representative
(917) 495-7362
Ronald Dahliquist
Car Equipment
Executive Board Member
(718) 490-8873
Robert Davenport
Car Equipment
CED Executive Board Member
(347) 247-8682
Rafael E. Ochoa
Car Equipment
Executive Board Member
(201) 654-1574
Viji Abraham
Stores (S/L)
Supply Logistics (Stores) Section Vice President
(516) 474-6690
Marlon Pellew
Transit Property Prot. Supv.I Section Vice President
(917) 353-7085